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6D Microblading with Bard’au & Co

6D Microblading technique is a hair stroke technique of semi-permanent makeup, which is performed with the help of 6D Microblading needles and natural pigments.

Bard'au and Co St Francis Bay

The Significance of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the human face. Eyebrows are considered to be a natural barrier that protects our eyes from humidity, dirt, etc.

However, eyebrows do play another important role – they help people to express emotions. If you remove eyebrows from the face you will hardly catch the emotional message a person is trying to express. Moreover, other facial features will “fade away” as well.

Bard'au and Co St Francis Bay

One of Anne’s recent clients.

Eyebrows play a significant role in the forming of facial proportions, because eyebrows frame our face. Proper brow shape can help you to correct facial features and conceal certain imperfections, such as a big nose, wide-set or close-set eyes, too round or long face shape etc.

6D Microblading

6D Microblading technique is a hair stroke technique of semi-permanent makeup, which is performed with the help of 6D Microblading needles and natural pigments that minimalize traumatic injuries to the skin. This technique also offers natural and lasting results without undesirable colours such as blue or red.

The technique of ‘eyebrow tattooing‘ originated in Central and South Asia.
Bard'au and Co St Francis Bay

Evolution from Tattoo to Microblading Technique

All of this began with drawing pictures with symbolic meanings on the body with the help of needles and pigments. This was done manually. Once this technique was first applied on the eyebrows, it started being successfully applied with this purpose for many years. The technique continued to improve.

Over the course of time certain things have changed, for example: instruments, pigments and needle penetration depth. Soon the procedure started to be performed with the help of a special machine and it was called “tattoo”.
After this procedure, eyebrows look sharper and brighter. Fashion dictates its own rules, emphasizing natural and refined looks. This pushed specialists to bring in tattoo as a novelty in the form of permanent makeup.

Bard'au and Co St Francis BayAlthough tools and pigments have changed and the effect doesn’t last long; with permanent makeup techniques the eyebrows look more natural. This technique continued to develop into what we now know as semi-permanent makeup with hair stroke effect. Specialists designed tattoo machines for permanent makeup that allowed implanting the pigment into the skin and this proved to produce a more natural effect. For many years this procedure was very popular and is still in demand.

10 years later the 3D technique appeared, which involved the use of Microblading needles, but this time they were modernized and had 6-13 prongs joined together into one line in the form of a fine blade.
A unique scheme of drawing hair strokes which copied the natural hair growth was designed. But even this technique has been modernized over time. The needles have become finer, the ingredients of pigments now contain all natural ingredients and the scheme of the eyebrow styling has become even more natural. The 6D technique guarantees stunning results that will last from one to two years.

Ann d’Arcy from Bard’au & Co has not only studied 3D microblading but also the very latest in 6D microbalding techniques. To make an appointment please contact Anne on 060 665 1907.

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