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Absolutley Water St Francis Bay


Absolutely Water was started in St Francis Bay in September 2002 by  Mickey Freund due to the poor quality of the drinking water. At that time St Francis Bay was getting its water from a bore hole that contained vast quantities of lime and other harmful substances. Today we are on the PE water line but the quality of the water has not really improved that much.

Absolutely Water supplies and installs water purification systems in-line to homes as well as RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers for drinking water. We use a 20” Big Blue with a pleated washable filter in line to the house which removes silt and sediment and gives you clean water into the house. This keeps your white linen from going brown and prevents silt build up in your geyser as well as protecting your filters of your purifier. The RO unit is a 5 stage unit, meaning that it goes through five filters before you drink the water.

Absolutely Water also has a bottling plant and supplies bottled water to Spar, Viking Bakery, the Squash Club and the Gym. They also supply water to residents for re-fill purposes.

Contact Details

Address: The Rhapsody Centre, The Village Centre, St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay 6312
Cell: 082 771 2110


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P.O. Box 68, St Francis Bay, 6312

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Beach Front, Jeffrey's Bay

Phone: 0827712110

Our Mission to be the 1st source for local information - we want to be the local Radio Station of old - If you want to do something... or say something... or know something...Let us help you get the message out there!
We want to provide a service that proves to be valuable and tangible for the residents and business people of the Greater Jeffrey's Bay area.