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Call for sanctions against SA ANC government – Australia

Australians Protectionist Party call for sanctions against SA.

The new South African government’s racist policies and affirmative action has led to calls for sanctions against SA.

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The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Andrew Phillips called upon both the Federal Labor government and the Opposition to unanimously support the re-introduction of sanctions upon South

“It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention
once again”, Phillips said. “Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress (ANC) of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people could live in harmony and have equal opportunity-the reality is quite different.”

His calls follow Woolworths SA asking that only “African Black candidates” apply for certain posts in job advertisements and South African Airways saying it will only appoint black pilots to its cadet pilot training programme.

Phillips said “Australia is dragging its feet in recognising the reality of the New South Africa.
Euro MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong have already called for the EU to cease giving millions in aid to South Africa and have already raised the issue of what can only be described as cultural genocide in that country.” See our story” EU take on SAA in pilot racism”.

The Australian Protectionist Party recognises the right of all people, irrespective of racial, cultural or religious background to a safe homeland, self determination and the opportunity to control their national destiny in an increasingly globalised world.
“With the advent of so-called majority rule, minorities such as the Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin” Phillips said.

“The South African government has done little to protect the lives of the nation’s farmers and their families, actively promotes the on-going Anglicisation of the nation’s government sector with the current debate of the “Languages Bill” and has reduced an estimated 10% of the nation’s Afrikaner community to the poverty line through the introduction of a race based Affirmative Action policy – a situation President
Zuma described as both “shocking and surprising”, yet has done nothing to address”.

“Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime,” Phillips said.

  1. Zuma says shocking and surprising? Cannot trust the ANC because each and everyone of them are aware of what is happening regarding the EE and AA polices. This does not just affect the Afrikaaner, it is every single white person in South Africa.
    Something will have to be done, we need the assistance of every country and immediately before it turns out to be another African genocide.

    • The genocide started in 1995 by systematically killing the farmers. What has the world done. Nothing. Countries were so quick to sanction SA prior to 1995 and there was no genocide and where most had jobs, food and homes. You have created a monster and still give SA financial aid which was and is used to enrich a new diamond class. Where are your moral values? Utterly disgusted in mankind

  2. 26, M, White, Honours Degree in Biological Science: applied for 700 over the past 2 years, cannot get a single one. If it were up to me I’d ask the whole world to treat South Africa the way they did when it was under apartheid. NOT ONE project here is free of corruption, not one public servant is honest. Its a first world system being run by third world thugs. If you want South Africa to work as a first world country you have to enforce some rules, when the local populace only responds to force how do you expect them to adhere to rules that have no consequence for not being followed.

    Oh and the ANC is officially a communist party, and we all know just how well THAT works out.

  3. Let us see if the international community will in fact turn their collective heads away from the apartheid racist government now. Let us white South Africans now see if the former supporting countries,who brought the ANC to power,will do anything to stop the wholesale slaughter of whites. Let us see if the blood and butchery of 3800 farmers will even cause questions to be asked. Or will the last white tribe ofcAfrica be left to struggle against extinction while foreign politicians watch from the sidelines?

    • 3800 farm killings, nothing gets done! 3000 killed in 9/11 and they go to war! Hmmmm … interesting!

  4. Australia has become home for 1000’s of South Africans. We thank you for standing up for us sir and beg you not to stop until such action has taken place. It is a bit of an oximoron as sanctions would hurt us as well, but it is the greater good that must triumph here.

    Thank you once again!

    • What the hell, sanctions will not even be noticed by the whites, as we are sanctioned out of living by BEE, racism, murder, robery, corruption and genocide. So go for it, we will be blamed for that in any way, but we can survive like always.

  5. At last one country who is awake and sees what is really going on in South Africa. I am to old now, but if I could I would emmigrate to Australia. One feels so hopeless. The government is totally corrupt – all the municipalities if going down because of the bad service and stealing of the law abiding citizens money. The crime rate is ridiculous high because the law does not mean anything. I can go on and on…….

    • I left SA 25 years ago because I had the foresight to see what was going to happen. There isn’t one country in Africa that is successful, they all have their hands out like beggars, and the West are stupid enough to throw our hard earned money at these thieves… Like the Israel Palestinian situation, there will be no solution…

      • I cannot AGREE with you more ! I just wonder how long will us white population and especially the Afrikaaners keep on taking it. I am sure that the “outside” world (countries)will not interfere anymore should we do something (but PLEASE not in such a stupid way as the boeremag guys that has just been sentenced) since they all know what is going on – they were just turning a blind eye because they were part of the reason that this happenned because they were as stupid and trusting as us when we voted yes (refering also to how Tony Blair was treated when in SA the other day)and this by a “religious” pikkewyn !

  6. Well the problem with sanctions against SA is that it won’t make one iota of difference to anything. These corrupt dictators are only in it for themselves. Do you really think that they care about the little white man? I promise you they don’t lose any sleep at night. It’s up to the west to sanction against companies like Woolworths in Australia and UK etc for customers to shop somewhere else. The problem with that again is due to globalisation we now have little choice where to shop these days. I see no solution in sight to this dilemma, except for all whites to leave SA and for the blacks to struggle and implode in their own melting pot… This situation will not sort itself out in my lifetime or yours… They are all just fools…

  7. To get the truth about the Farm killings of far over 3000+ – Level 6 Genocide rating by Genocide Watch, based in Washington, please go to
    Compiled by an ex journalist living in Holland. She approached the UN who are aware of the farm genocide.
    She compiles farm death figures and data from a company of ex Police Detectives, who track murders through family members. It is called She lives in Holland and speaks on our behalf.

    Our media does not feature the killings – we need alternative sources.
    Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch was here in August.
    He considers the S A farmer has an occupation more dangerous and more likely to die – than a soldier.
    Horrified at what he discovered about ANC and Zuma singing “Kill the Boer” at their 100 celebration and all rallies. The video is on Youtube.

    ANC does not keep track of Farm killings as they are “robbery” and “crime.” Torture and horrific deaths coming as a relief with a for a cellphone stolen.

    As a group, they have applied for Asylum but are not “refugees.”
    Afrikaners are indigenous being here since 1652.
    We have no “home” country or origin – we are South Africans denied their birth right.

    Apartheid – separate Development was to protect cities from being over run by migrating and high population birth rate of Black people.
    It got out of hand and its history. It is now a disaster under ANC.
    We have the highest murder and rape rate in the world.
    Unless we are “rich” to start our own business – we are not welcome anywhere.

    We are now a typical African Syndrome of slaughter of white settlers who had a ‘home’ to return to.

  8. I remember working with white afrikaner boers back in the early ’90’s. They use to say, “n arm boer is n dom boer” a poor whitey is a stupid whitey

    I have too agree, whites had a major head start in this country, now when they fall behind they want sympathy. Obviously not clever. We had to fight a system that created different education simply because of our skin, now its time to catch up, keep fighting, goodluck……

    Grow up, if you are that smart you would make it in a tough world, don’t expect others to fight your cause…..

    • Rick – I wonder – have you been hiding behind a rock ? not everything of the “previous” apartheid time was bad. One of the things my forefarthers should have done was to “donder” them all the way to school. The educated blacks (Govan Mbeki, Prof Jansen, Sol Plaatjes) is not the persons we (I) have a problem with – it is the uneducated masses out there that goes to “church” on Sunday worshipping God and then after that goes to the Sangoma to throw the “dollosse”. And eventhough I am almost 57 I was not one of the people who made the apartheid decision – so if we say God does not punish a child for it’s parents’ sin – then why do YOU want to punish me for my forefathers’ wrongdoings? The White Afrikaaners are still the people carrying this economy by paying tax untill the blood drips (ask me I have my own company that the previous regime did not give to me – I had a disabled daughter for which the previous regime did not give 1 cent medical support.) I have had thousands of older black people telling me virtually everyday that they were better off in the old days. There was discipline in this country – peace – you could walk in the street without being accosted – now you’re not even safe in your own home – and they murder for the blood lust !!! why else kill innocent toddlers? and this is what you support?????

  9. What u racist ex South Africans living in Aussie tend to forget is that for every 100 qualified white professionals, there is 1000 more Africans with the same qualifications, but triple debts to thier names. Why do you keep running away from taking responsibility of the mess you say SA is? if 40 yrs ago you had taken a principled stance and refused to vote for the apartheid regime, we would all be enjoying the same priviledges. It is very sad when one person thinks they deserve one thing more than the other, reality check, for every thousand poor white people there is a million and half poverty stricken and underdeveloped Africans in particular Black people who lived in far remote areas, cramped and more sadly unrehabilitable environments created by the system you maintained with absolute pride and joy, whilst noble friends in Australia and other part of the world accepted you they also understood the plight of an African child. Please enjoy your stay in Australia and let South Africans define their own destiny shaped by the realities on the ground. Africans in particular blacks are in a majority in SA in all senses, poverty, security et al yet you refuse that this needs to be redressed, SIES MAAN

    • Tibla the only SIES MAN thing is that most blacks cannot stop humping and having dozens of kids they cannot support and which the white man is now taking care of by being bled dry financially due to all corruption and fraud and being over taxed. SA black people cannot stand it that despite what is going on in the country a majority of white people are still better off despite being bled dry – because A BOER MAAK ‘N PLAN – and we make our own opportunities – we do not have a spirit of entitlement like most black people and we don’t wait for the government to hand us these opportunities. My BAD FOREFATHERS made this country what it was in 1994 (and please note not the country it is now (after 1994) and it is the ONLY AFRICAN COUNTRY that was “working” – that is why everybody is flocking to south africa because they know there is nothing for them in their countries. I don’t mind that things need to be addressed what I do mind is the plunder, the fraud, the bloodshed, the fear, and the way the ANC is making a fool and a laughing stock of our country. You most probably do not even know that the only people who lived in our country was the Khoisan and that the european people (my forefathers)did not come all that much later to south africa than your forefathers (which came from higher up in Africa down to South Africa. It is time you people get informed – as for your laughable remark that 40 years ago we should have voted different – bloody hell – 40 years ago I was only 16 years old and could not vote yet !!!! DO NOT SAY EVERYTHING YOU KNOW – BUT KNOW EVERYTHING YOU SAY !!

    • Well put Tibla. I agree with you all the way. Many whites do not have any idea of the suffering of others under the previous regime. Now that they too face the same hardships they feel picked on. Crime affects us all in South Africa, it knows no colour. Whites still have a better annual average income as a racial group and higher employment. You only need to drive through the township to see who is affected the most by poverty.

      • Sharon-What you forget is the slogan of the ruling ANC! “A better life for ALL” That is what we all wanted and what did we get? If you had any knowledge of what really is happening in the RSA you would sing another tune! Your remarks, as well as that of Tibla, reeks very strongly of racism and resent and we in the RSA do not need that! Oh and for your info,it is not only the whites or Afrikaners complaining about the situation here,most of the people in the RSA lives went from bad to worse and why,because we have a corrupt racist government only interested in lining their own pockets! Yet they still vote for these people over and over again believing their promises (lies)! Open your ears and eyes!

  10. Trust Melda to add crime to the issue of AA and EE forgeting that the continued marginalisation and exploitation of the masses by a few whites does breed resentment. wonder if those reseachers did try to find a proper explanation on the killings without assuming that to be a white farmer equals targeting by black thugs. the employer- employee relations in the farming community, the constant and blatant a=human rights abuses committed by white farmers on their black workers have they tried to document that or their research is skin based. We need to stop this genration of abuse people and start to honestly engage for the betterment not only of a white man or a black man but for humanity. ASSEBLIEF MENSE.

    • Tibla let me tell you something – on 18th July – Nelson Mandela’s birthday I was sitting in my living room when the cleaner (a black man) of the guesthouse where I was staying out of the Blue just bursted out (f..k Mandela!) – I was speechless – my jaw dropped open – is Nelson Mandela not the God of the black people then? when I caught my breath I asked him what on earth he meant – he replied – “he now has everything – we still have nothing !(as God is my witness it was his exact words) so I think resentment is not against the “whites” anymore but against the people in charge. somehow the “stupid” masses are catching up ! Since 1994 the wheel has been turning and we whites only have to stand back and watch the blacks inhilate each other and we won’t even have to lift a finger – you are going to do it all by your wonderful selves. the only person I have high regard for is Martin Luther King Jr- in his day he wanted to do in America exactly what the ANC wanted to do in SA – but unlike Mandela (who when he was younger and was caught when trying to build bombs and were making plans on where to plant it to kill innocent people – even his own people who would be in the same place) Martin Luther King Jr ALWAYS right from the beginning walked his walk with God – NEVER promoting violence !! so why Americans “worship” Mandela is beyond me – because they had the perfect freedom walker (not fighter) in their own mids – I man WORTHY of praise ! I’ve NEVER even heard Nelson Mandela utter one word about God, Christian principles etc. etc. For years the black people were “trained” for fighting, sitting around making plans on what to do. and today that is still what is happening – sitting around making plans not knowing how to execute it – still wanting to fight and breakdown – because that is what they are best at – breaking down and not building up

  11. Tibla the whities were more than prepared to help with huge projects to uplift previously disadvantages groups. You rejected these helping hands however, simply pushed highly qualified people out of their positions and expected the profits to come in all by itself. Unfortunately it did not work out like that so corruption, murder & robbery was the only option to enrich yourselves at the cost of others and the country. So, all we can say is ‘good luck buddy’ – but don’t complain then if we turn to the outside world for help, out of pure desperation.

  12. EE & AA is ineffective, unproductive and mainly benefits a corrupt few in positions of power (within government and business).

    The available skills, funds and abilities of whites should be fostered and channelled towards investment in the economic growth of South Africa, ultimately to the benefit to all South Africans.
    Drive the majority of whites out and soon we will have another Zimbabwe, a state of ruin like most of Africa.
    Not hard to work out considering they pay over 80% of taxes.
    Never mind the self destruction from the incompetence, corruption etc

  13. Left my vaderland after being the 9th generation South African. Did this 10 years ago. Best decision ever. White Afrikaans South Afrikaners are becoming more and more sucesful all over the world and this will continue. You made it impossible to live in our country ANC Trash, you will never get us down. I have to ask how many ANC supporters contributed to the world whilst they were in exile? Have your Africa and starve on your own.

  14. I’m an English South African and I left the country ten years ago at the age of 21 as opportunities were limited.

    I live in the UK and pay what would be close on half a million Rand on taxes to the UK government a year.

    South Africa has lost out on millions by chasing hard working educated South Africans away.

    I love the country, but could never live with the inefficiency and corruption.

  15. On my way out. Got a better opprtunity outside SA.Could not believe it. Will land in Canada a week before Christmas.SA is the circus of the world.We don’t have kids. I have watched SA going down the tube for years and what is sad that no opposition party want to be the new ruling party. We will not miss SA at all. We have been oversees on and off over the years, and every time we came back it’s worse. SA pray you don’t get sanctions, it’s coming like a tsunami.

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