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New brand for Kouga Municipality

KOUGA Municipality is changing its image to set the tone for the next five years of governance.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said a new logo, vision, mission and value statement had been approved by Council for the municipality to reflect the changes expected under the current leadership.

Kouga Municipality Logo

“We reviewed the municipality’s vision, mission and value statement at the strategic planning session that was held after the election.

All members of Council, as well as senior staff, had the opportunity to share their input. We are very pleased with the results of these efforts,” she said.

The Mayor said the new vision captured the direction in which the Council wanted to move.

The new vision is “Good Governance through Service Excellence”.

The municipality’s new mission statement, which reflects the purpose and focus of the institution, is:

  • To create a government that addresses the needs and respects the values of “ubuntu” in our communities.
  • To create a better life for all through delivering inclusive and affordable services for residents.
  • To create a safe environment with diverse opportunities for economic growth and development.
  • To create a responsive, accountable and caring government for all its people.
  • To create an efficient, well-managed, corruption-free and legally compliant municipality.
  • To create and maintain an effectively go-verned administration that is committed to financial sustainability.
  • The core values of the institution, which all employees will be expected to uphold, are:

  • Service Excellence
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Morality and Honesty
  • Equity, Dignity and Respect
  • Freedom and Fairness
  • Integrity, Professionalism and Discipline
  • Empathy and Compassion.
  • The Mayor said the Council had agreed that it was important for these changes to be reflected in the municipality’s logo as well.
  • “Rebranding can be an expensive exercise. We wanted to avoid a drastic change that would require a big budget, consequently, we decided to keep the old design but with two important changes: the colour and the slogan,”

    she explained.

    The new logo, as adopted by the Council, does away with the many colours of the former design and will be made up entirely of blue, a colour associated with trust, integrity, efficiency and communication in the branding world.

    The second change is the removal of the slogan “Prosperity through Vision”, which will be replaced by the new vision statement, “Good Governance through Service Excellence”.

    The Mayor said the changes reflected what the Council wanted to achieve for Kouga’s people.

    “We want the municipality to be governed effectively and efficiently while rendering the best possible basic services to our community.

    It is our hope that the changes will also inspire residents, enhance public participation and attract talent and investment to our area,”

    she said.

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