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Update on the Spit and Santareme get the Ball rolling

Update on the Spit and Santareme get the Ball rolling

February 2018 Newsletter. We are well into the new year, and 2017 seems like a distant memory as we welcome you to our Association’s first newsletter for 2018.

The above photograph was taken by Stan Blumberg.

1. SRA

The SFPO Association started its SRA application process with three public meetings held on 20 December, and 3 and 11 January. We had good attendance at all these meetings. The SRA proposal presentation, together with all relevant documentation in support of this proposal are available on the SFPO Association’s website (
Voting has been underway since early January. You can vote online on our website, or print the voting form which is also available on our website, complete it and either scan/photograph it and send it back to us via email or WhatsApp or SMS. Contact details are included below.

PLEASE NOTE: Your vote from last year does not count as this is a new proposal for the SRA so please ensure you vote. You can check whether your vote is registered by visiting the St Francis Property Owners Website.

PLEASE VOTE . . . . asap


We reduced the demarcated area to the Village and the Canals for this SRA application. We have not excluded the Santareme through to Otters Landing properties from future participation in the SRA. We do recognise that they have different priorities to the village and Canals. We asked Dave Harpur to set up and chair a committee specifically representing the Santareme to Otters Landing property owners’ interests. He has held his first meeting to establish interest and participation. This committee will work in conjunction with the St Francis Property Owners Association. Anyone interested in knowing more about this sub-committee should contact David at or Cell: (0)82 441 4486.

3. AGM

We held our Annual General Meeting on 18 December 2017. The Minutes for the AGM and for all our SFPO Association and NPC meetings will soon be available on our websites. The SFPO Association Committee completed their 2-year term and all Committee members were available for re-election. There were no new nominations, so the Committee was elected to serve a further 2-year term.

4. Water Restrictions

The water situation continues to worsen with the lack of sufficient rains to relieve the crisis. We appeal to all our residents and visitors to use water sparingly as our dam levels continue to drop.

5. Objections to Municipal Valuations

Some St Francis property owners have expressed their concerns regarding the municipal valuation of their and other properties and the lack of fairness in the valuations. There is now an opportunity to scrutinize the General Valuation Roll of the Kouga Municipality for the period 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2023. Public Notices have appeared in the press calling for inspection and lodging of objections during the period 15th February to 30 April 2018. The roll can be viewed at our Municipal offices as well as the Kouga Municipality website ( We encourage all property owners to check their valuations before the stipulated closing date as no late objections will be accepted.

6. The Spit and Beach

The Blue Moon Spring tides hit the Spit and Beach hard in January. We (SFPO and Riparians) have been given permission to with undertake emergency repairs on the Spit. The Riparians are now dredging onto the most vulnerable areas of the Spit. The SFPO NPC Technical Committee has prepared an Emergency Plan that is being agreed with Frank Silberbauer, the ECO (Environmental Control Officer), and in turn agreed with the Municipality and DEDEAT. We are ordering large sand bags to place a buttress against which we can build back the dune on the Spit to build up the defences on the Spit for the winter storms.

The long-term solution (we have called Phase 2) for the River, Spit and Beach continue in parallel to the Emergence work and Phase 1 (repair of the existing revetments along the Beach and Spit). This work consists of three sub-projects :

a. Design of the Beach and Spit Solution: Advisian will complete the design of the long-term solution for the Beach and Spit by the end of February. Once this has been finalised we will make their report available to everyone on our website in March.

b. Source of Sand: Greg Miller is conducting a survey of several sources of sand for nourishing the beach and spit.

c. EIA : Colleen Ebersohn will start the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) once she has been given the Beach and Spit Solution Design and the Sources of Sand to prepare and submit the EIA. This is a lengthy process that could take up to 16 months to complete. Completion being DEDEAT’s authorisation of the proposed solution and sources of sand.

7. Annual Subscriptions Due

We sent out invoices to all St Francis Bay ratepayers encouraging the renewal of their membership or joining as new members. The payment of the annual membership is of course entirely voluntary. We have had a wonderful response, thank you!!

The annual subscription per property owner or resident is R500.00 and R330.00 for pensioners.

Subscriptions can be paid directly into our account (use your erf number as the reference). Alternatively, you are welcome to pop into our office at 115 St Francis Drive, between 08h30 and 13h00 on weekdays where our Admin Manager, Lyn Aitken, will be able to assist you, take your payment and update your details on our database.
Our banking details are :

St Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank Humansdorp Code 050015
Acc Number: 082499276
Reference: your Erf number

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at either 042-294-0594, 0827775624, or email if you have any queries or wish to submit your handwritten voting form.

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