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St Francis Village Fitness Gym

The Village Fitness gym is a small but comfortable, motivating and non-judgemental local gym in St Francis Bay welcoming people of any age, gender and fitness level.

Village Fitness Gym St Francis BayIt was bought in 2011 by Adriaan Theron and has grown exponentially in membership over the last few years. We offer our members functional and well maintained cardiovascular and weight training equipment, knowledgeable staff that are available for assisting you with questions, along with access to cold water, changing and shower facilities. As an added ammenity, we offer Power Plate and an advanced personal trainer and exercise specialist available at an extra fee.

Adriaan Theron is our fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. He has been certified by the Health & Fitness Professionals Association as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist.

Village Fitness Gym St Francis BayHe will assist you in customizing an exercise program designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals, and he will teach you the correct mechanics of each exercise and will ensure that you are performing each with the correct form.

Weight training is important in helping you to improve your ability to do everyday activities, improve balance and stabity, build muscle strength, decreases one’s risk of osteoperosis, reduce blood pressure and increase your calorie burn.

Village Fitness Gym St Francis BayOur leg machinery includes a leg press, leg extension and lying leg curl. Our upper body machinery includes a shoulder press, cable cross over, lateral pull down, chest press and long pull. We offer a wide range of barbells, dumbells, weight plates, curl bars and a chin up bar. We also offer a variety of benches such as a flat, seated and inclined, as well as an abdominal bench.

Floor work can help build on major areas of fitness such as core strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. To achieve this, you will need to include compound exercises which rely on the coordinated actions of several muscle groups, and isolation exercises which rely on working one muscle group at any time.

We offer a range of equipment to help you with your floor work such as mats, bosu balls, gym balls, dumbells, kettle bells, and medicine balls.

Village Fitness Gym St Francis BayCardio is important for burning calories and helping you to lose weight, making your heart strong, increasing lung capacity, reducing risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Not only does it do all this, but it helps you to feel good and sleep better.

We offer a range of cardiovascular machinery including two treadmills, four bicycles, an elyptical, a step machine, a rower and a range of skipping ropes.

Contact Details

Shop 18 Village Square Shopping Centre
St Francis Bay
South Africa

Cell No: 076 834 5383

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