About Us

Network Connect was established in  St Francis Bay  in May 2012 by Mickey Freund. It was born out of Mickey’s frustration with the vast amount of print media that was available in which to advertise. Questions asked were, “Which publications will reach my target market?” “Is my target market reading any of these publications?” “Are there statistics available?” “Do I spend money on a website?” “The web is the way to go but it is so vast. How will I be able to drive traffic to my website?”

All these questions led this qualified Industrial & Consumer Psychologist  to studying Internet Marketing through the University of Cape Town. Although traditional marketing still has its place, internet marketing is definitely the way to go. Every business needs a web presence. Gone are the days of the yellow pages. People Google to find you and if you are not there, the likelihood of them looking elsewhere for you is almost zero.

Advertising in local publications is limited to your area unless you have a large budget where you can afford to advertise further afield. Having a web presence means that anybody in the world will be able to find you. The biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing is that it is not measurable whereas internet marketing is. You have all the statistics available to you at the push of a button. Changes to your website, up-dates, etc can be done very quickly at a minimal cost whereas with traditional advertising you have to incur re-prints.

Having a website built is a costly affair. A small website of three pages could cost you R5000 and for a more complicated site anything up to R25 000 and more.

All these questions and knowledge lead to St Francis Connect, part of the Network Connect Group. All the businesses in St Francis Bay have the opportunity to market themselves on one website and every business part of St Francis Connect will benefit from traffic generated by other businesses participating, so helping each other!

The Secret…..the more traffic to the site and the more links to one another the more Google likes us and if Google really likes us a lot we will feature.

St Francis Connect is about bringing our businesses and customers together not only locally but globally.