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Bay Painters in St Francis Bay are the agents for Paintcor. Paintcor was established in 1986 in a shed operating from a modest farm shed with a hand built mixer. To date, they have set a high standard in the development of paint technology in their endeavor to master the art of formulating paints and coatings. They have a scientific ‘systems-based’ or’ layered’ approach to paint solutions.

Micky has been in the painting business for the last 30 plus years and has always used Paintcor which he believes in.

Bay Painters and Paintcor’s mission is to supply you with all the necessary information required to select the right products for almost every possible paint project and educate you on how to apply them safely and effectively.

Paintcor are continually looking for ways to improve our products and services wherever possible.

Paintcor is managed in accordance with ISO 9001 International Standards and is audited twice annually by the South African Bureau of Standards. They are members of The South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) which represents 65% of the estimated 350 paint manufacturers in South Africa. Eighty percent of all paint produced in South Africa is by SAPMA members. Paintcor is wholly South African owned and is BEE certified.

In 2007, in their 22nd year, they were the Gold Winners of the FNB and ROCCI Business of The Year Award in the medium sized business category.

How to choose interior and exterior colours
With as many as 7 000 coded colours available to the home owner, choosing colours can be an overwhelming experience, causing many to resort to white or light pastels as the ‘safest’ option. This can be easily overcome by taking a bit of time to familairise yourself with the colour theory and the practical advice we offer on this website. Once you have a basic understanding of the theory you will be empowered to make the confident personal choices that will achieve the results you really desire.

How to create an interior vibe
Decide what sort of ambience, mood or ‘vibe’ you want to create in each space and choose a colour or scheme that will effectively harmonise to create it. Consider the colours of furniture, cushions, face brick or wooden paneled walls, curtains, pelmets, skirtings, dado railings, art works, bed covers, headboards, lamp shades, tiles, wooden floors and carpets that will be a part of each particular space as these will be instrumental in determining the overall effectiveness of your scheme.

Putting together a personal scheme
An enjoyable way to plan your schemes is to start collecting appealing and inspiring décor photos from magazines, paint swatches and fabric samples etc. These are then placed together in such a way as to determine the effectiveness of the scheme at a glance. Add and subtract elements as necessary to tweak it to your satisfaction, then paste up onto a piece of cardboard to create décor scheme for each area.

This can alternatively be done using digital images on a computer and affordably printing your scheme on a good quality laser printer (a service which is available from most print bureaus).

Harmonious schemes can be found everywhere in nature. Consider the colour combinations of corals, fish, birds, animals, trees, flowers, rocks, mountains, and landscapes etc. You could also pick out colours from a favourite piece of art and create a scheme that way.

Most computer graphic software programmes allow you to mix and create your own custom colours. (This is even possible in Microsoft Paint, which comes standard with Windows). Simply bring in print outs of your swatches to the Paintcor factory or any Colourways outlet and we will match them as closely as possible using our scanning, matching and tinting technology. We keep records of the your personal colour formulations so that you can come back for more should you require a fresh batch of the same tinted product.

How to choose exterior colours
When painting the exterior walls of your house, your harmonized scheme should include the colours of your roof, gutters, burglar bars, boundary walls, doors, window sills, window frames, decks, patios, paved areas, awnings etc.

Our Products

Pigmented Water Borne Acrylic Plaster Bonding Agent
PlasterPrime is a fine particle size water borne acrylic with excellent alkali resistance, water resistance and adhesion. PlasterPrime is off-white in colour and has been formulated as a primer for gypsum plaster (Rhinolite) or cement plaster, especially for application to new plaster after Paintcor’s damp proofing has been carried out below Damp Proof Course (D.P.C.) or on all new good quality plaster in coastal conditions.

High Density Pure Acrylic Luxury Wall Paint
Luxuriance is an all purpose exterior / interior acrylic paint .It was introduced to our range specifically to meet the growing demand for quality matt finishes in South Africa. Made from a combination of non-toxic raw materials, it is tough , durable, non-yellowing, odourless and envirofriendly. Luxuriance has been formulated using fine particle size fillers to achieve the best washability. Pure acrylic for excellent weathering. Available in most colours.

Elegance Matt
Supreme Pure Acrylic Wall Paint
Elegance Matt is a high-quality, enviro-friendly exterior wall coating, designed and formulated using quality raw materials to combat South Africa’s extreme climatic conditions. It is also user-friendly (almost zero spatter, low odour and easy to apply). Elegance Matt has an elegant, matt finish.

Driveway and Paving Paint
Terrafirma Driveway and Paving Paint is a hard, durable coating formulated to be fast drying, non-slip and very resistant to the sun, for application to POROUS brick and paving. It is obtainable in a range of tinted colours and will adhere to most surfaces, including some plastics.

AquaSeal Saturator
Waterproofing Paint
This is a seamless, acrylic waterproofing system incorporating a geo-fabric non-woven membrane. The system has been designed to provide a highly durable, elastic and attractive system which can be used on varying substrates. AquaSeal Saturator is a 3 to 4 coat application requiring ± 750ml per square meter to saturate the membrane.

Fibre Reinforced Waterproof Sealant
Water based fibre re-enforced styrene acrylic co-polymer coating for waterproofing masonry decks (flat roofs)
and parapet walls. AquaMatt is a high quality fibre re-enforced acrylic waterproofing compound (i.e it has the bandage built in). Due to the special fillers used in AquaMatt it will reduce the temperature underneath the surface it is applied to by 20 – 30%. AquaMatt has been designed for its resistance to water and water vapour. It therefore needs to be over coated in order to increase the U.V. protection of the AquaMatt. For best heat reduction AquaMatt must be over coated with Paintcor’s White Elegance or Aquaseal.

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